Spend your last week of April reconnecting to your body with 1 week of exclusive TWLA pilates + dance based workouts. 7 days of our streamed 45 minute and 1 hour workouts, bonus 15 and 20 minute targeted sequences, and detailed break downs of our signature moves. Let's bring in May healthy, toned, and STRONG!

DAY 1: 1 hour full body + 30 minutes chair workout
DAY 2: 1 hour full body + 20 minutes abs & ass
DAY 3: 45 minutes full body + 15 minutes arm
DAY 4: 1 hour full body + 15 minutes abs
DAY 5: 45 minutes full body + 20 minutes inner thighs & lower abs
DAY 6: 45 minutes full body + 20 minutes cardio
DAY 7: 45 minutes full body + arms & abs 20 minutes


24 Videos

  • Welcome Video

    We are so happy to have you join us for these next 7 days. Our goal is bring you consistency and light during these uncertain times. These workouts are designed to challenge your endurance and sculpt your body with dance cardio and pilates based workouts. We hope by the end of this challenge you ...

  • DAY 1: Full Body 1 Hour

    Welcome to day 1 of our 7 day challenge! This is our signature high-energy workout designed to make you sweat, tone, and feel sexy.  Class starts with dance cardio to warm up the body and raise your heart rate to the "fat burning zone."  Light hand weights and standing leg exercises will burn out...

  • Full Body Chair Workout 30 Minutes

    standing legs + planks + mat pilates legs + booty + mat abs
    (1-3 lb) ankle weights
    - - - - - - - - - -
    This 30 minute workout uses just a chair to give you a full body burn. Grab a mat (or a towel) to support your knees and wrists and have fun!

  • Squat Break Down

    Nicole describes the correct body positioning to execute the perfect squat.

  • Hydrant Break Down

    Ashley breaks down how to properly perform the side hydrant, which is staple for TWLA.

  • Challenge 1 DAY 2: Full Body 1 Hour

    This 1 hour workout starts with 10 minutes of dance cardio to warm up the body, followed by standing leg exercises, weighted arms, and mat work featuring side leg lifts. Grab your 2lb, 3lb, or 5lb weights (or canned beans, paper weights, wine bottles) and get ready to SWEAT!

  • Abs + Ass 20 Minutes

    Nicole leads this series of exercises to lift your boot and shred your abs.

  • Side Leg Lift

    The side leg lift is one of Nicole's favorite moves! Here she explains how to find the proper placement.

  • DAY 3: Full Body 45 Minutes

    45 minute sculpt class with light dance cardio using a mat and 3lb-5lb hand weights. Throw on some light ankle weights during the mat section for an added challenge!

  • Arms + Weights 15 Minutes

    Grab 2 sets of hand weights! One light set and one heavy set. Ashley leads this arms series with 3lb & 5lb that will tone your arms fast!

  • Sculpt Arms Breakdown

    Sculpt arms are a great way to tone your arms without needing any equipment. Nicole explains how to perform our arm sequences for max results.

  • DAY 4: Full Body 1 Hour

    Day 4 of our signature workout! As always, grab your hand weights (or something similar!), a mat, and get ready to dance, sweat, and have fun!

  • Abs + Planks w/ Nicole

    Nicole leads a KILLER ab workout designed to SHRED your abs. We promise you will be sore after this!

  • Planks Break Down

    We love planks! Nicole demonstrates how to nail the perfect plank guaranteed to SHRED your abs.

  • TWLA Challenge 2 DAY 5: Full Body 45 Minutes

    You know the drill! Grab a mat and hand weights and get ready to SWEAT.

  • Inner Thighs + Lower Abs

    inner thighs + lean legs + plank/mat low abs
    - - - - - - - - - -
    2 of the hardest areas to target but Ashley kills it every time! This 20 minute workout uses pilates exercises to target your inner thighs and lower abs. Get ready to work those accessory muscles and shred those abs! Throw on ankl...

  • Inner Thighs Break Down

    Ashley breaks down how to do our tricky inner thigh workout.

  • DAY 6: Full Body 45 Minutes

    Almost there! This 45 minute signature sculpt workout uses ONLY A MAT and includes all our favorite moves. Let's get it!

  • 20 Minutes Dance Cardio

    Nicole leads 20 minutes of fun dance cardio to raise your heart rate! (Apologies for the sound quality)

  • Lunge Break Down

    Ashley breaks down the perfect form to perform a lunge.

  • DAY 7: Full Body 45 Minutes

    DAY 7! We did it! Last full body workout in our 7 day challenge. Grab your mat, hand weights, and let's finish STRONG!

  • Arms + Abs

    Ashley leads a 20 minute arms and abs series with 3lb hand weights.

  • Seated Squat Break Down

    Ashley breaks down how to properly perform a seated squat.


    Thank you so much for joining our 7 Day Challenge! We hope you feel stronger, more connected to your body, and a bit sexier :) Follow us on instagram @the_workout_la for more workouts, collabs, exciting projects. WE LOVE YOU! With immense gratitude, Nicole & Ashley